Walking tour - Kvarner 2020

Walking tour - Kvarner 2020
1. day – Arrival and accomodation in Opatija.
Free time to explore town Opatija, Carrmen Sylve promenade through the forest above Opatija.

2. day. Istra;  Poklon - Vojak- Poklon (descent along the same or instructional path)
The trail starts from the Poklon Mountain Lodge and leads to the highest peak of Učka Vojak, offering unforgettable views of Istria and Kvarner. The descent can be done on the same path or a little bypass in the educational way, and it is possible to extend and make a circle around the Vojak, but then the duration of the walk is about 4-5 hours.
Walk time (h: min): 3:00
Length (km): 3.4 in one direction
Altitude difference (m): 480
Track Weight: Medium

3. day.  Island of Cres - Tramuntana - sightseeing of Beli, visit to the eco center
In the vicinity of Beli there are several hiking (tourist) trails marked with different colors. The trail, called "History and Art in Nature," begins and ends in Beli, and is highlighted in yellow. There are  21 sculptures by the sculptor Ljuba De Karina, on which are engraved the verses of Andrija Vid Mihičić, a 19th century ,poet from Beli, a lover of Tramuntana. Along the way there is Vesna's maze. Giant oak forests and gentle chestnut trees can be enjoyed all the way.
Green path:
Length: approx. 6.6 km
Altitude difference: approx. 230 m
Tour time: approx. 2 hours
Track Weight: Medium

4. day- . Kastav and Rijeka - sightseeing of a medieval town where 3 paths can be visited (choose one)
Length 5.27 km
tour time: 2:00 p.m.
It leads through interesting areas of the Loza forest full of rocks, valleys and sinkholes, passes through the Loza Eco Trail, tours the caves and the ascent to Majevi  VRH (411m) is possible.
RIJEKA walking tour - walk around European city od culture 2020. Rijeka is the main Croatian port and third largest city in Croatia, situated in the northern Adriatic. Tarsatica - Roman settlement on the territory of today's Old Town was first mentioned in 180 BC after the Roman legions defeated the Illyrian pirates who were native to this region.

We will take a walk to discover places like National Theater, the Modello Palace and Rijeka's marketplace. We will also find the orthodox church of St .Nicolas and then the Korzo - Rijeka's most famous pedestrian street, where there is always something going on. The walk continues through the City entrance to the St.Vitus Cathedral.

5. day. Island of Krk - departure from Baška, visit to Jurandvor
The highest part of the reserve  Kuntrep is a bare, flattened vegetation that cuts through miles and miles of drywall, and shepherd's hatchets, small masterpieces of the traditional work of counting, marking, shearing and milking sheep. The most beautiful and striking of them is the Diviška pond, a natural freshwater basin that is striking in its bare and rocky area, as well as pastoral walls dividing Diviška into five, directing sheep to their portion of the watering, preventing the flock of different owners flocking.

Baška - Lokva Diviška
Starting point: Baška
Goal: Mjesečev plato (Mountain Moon) 380m and Diviška Peak 471m
Climbing time: 1:30 to the mountain Moon  380m + 1:30 to the peak Diviška 471m
Descent time: 2:30
Total walking time: 5:30
Difficulty of the tour: an undemanding marked hiking trail

6. day-  Gorski Kotar - Kamačnik + Bajer Lake
Kamačnik isa 3.2 km long right tributary of the Dobra River. From here, a very attractive canyon section of Kamačnik, about one kilometer long, begins for visitors. It is distinguished by a series of rapids, swirling pots and small waterfalls that form a meandering cluster of rock-shaded passages. Through the canyon leads a pedestrianized path equipped with wooden galleries and bridges.
Through the canyon of Kamačnik stretches an educational music track - Pan's track.
The flora is woven of many kinds of plants, as is the fauna of many interesting animals.

Duration: 2 h
Altitude difference (m): 144 m
Total length: 6.5 km
Difficulty of the trail: Moderate

Lake Bayer is accumulation lake that was artificially created in 1952. with the construction of the dam on the river Ličanka near the Fužine in Gorski Kotar. It was created for the needs of the Vinodol hydroelectric power plant, and has become a magnet for tourists and weekenders. The Lake has an average depth of 2 to 7 meters and it contains about one million cubic meters of water. It is suitable for boating, canoeing, kayaking and for windsurfing because of frequent flows of wind.
Duration: 1:30
Altitude difference (m): 0 m
Total length: 6 km
Difficulty: Easy

7. day- Return home