Moments to treasure

Moments to treasure
“By train, by bus or buy car you can most easily come to Baranya in the early morning . Hardest in the evening. From Baranya never again! In fact, you will take her with you: green in the eye, intense in the smell of mud, oaks of fish, mild in hearing with a music of the night regions under the fog. You can come to BAranya by vehicle when ever you wish. with your heart- once in a lifetime!
Mirko Hunjadi

Nature Park "Kopački rit"
Kopacki rit is a floodplain area, created due to the impact of two mighty rivers, the Danube and Drava. Besides
the rivers, specific and unique “wavy” look of Kopacki rit is also the result of flood waters that create ponds
(depressions) and ridges (raised areas). The entire floodplain area resembles the delta. It is unique for a river to
have a so-called “ inner” delta in its middle course. Such a phenomenon gives this area the international
significance. Because of its exceptional natural beauty and value, in 1993 Kopacki rit was added to the list of
Ramsar areas (the international convention signed in 1971 in the Iranian city of Ramsar).
Kopacki rit is distinctive and well-known for the birds. Until now, 298 bird species were registred, 141 of which
regularly nest in the marsh.

Castles Tikveš
In the heart of Baranya, now covered by Nature Park Kopacki Rit, a complex of castles “Tikve
romantic architectural structures. It is an area of forests and parks within residential buildings
are located: a new annex to the castle, old castle, a small chapel and accompanying facilities with a restaurant.
The complex of the castle dates from the 19th century, and it was built by members of the Habsburg family
(Teschenski). Since centuries this area has been a world famous hunting resort, frequently visited by many kings
and statesmen.

Eco-economy "Orlov put"(Eagle`s Road)
Just a few miles from the center of Osijek, on the outskirts of Nature Park “Kopački rit, there is a small paradise- a home of healthy and organic food products.The name "Eagle " was given by nature itself. All year round you can track fly of eagles and other birds a the household, is their path to Kopački rit. This eco-economy has won the Croatian market with its healthy delicious food. Next to the house, you can find apples, pears, blackberries, strawberries, various vegetables and nine acres of land that has nor been trated in any way for years. Apart from completly environment-frindly farming, all product are made-  by hand!  You can learn more about eco- manufacturing, you can ride a horse at the age of Kopački rit. Also you can see various domestic animals; vsit eco house built of pine logs and covered with reeds,and in cold days,you may enjoy yourself in a heated barns for 100 people. It is a special pleasure to taste organic food, eheather fresch or prepared on fire. An ideal blend of fun and return to nature!

All day excursions:
Osijek - Kopački rit - Tikveš- Kneževi Vinogradi - Karanac
We suggest:

- arrival in Osijek, the center of East Croatia, visiting the most beautiful corners of the city: Tvrđa (Fort), suspension bridge over the river Drava,
con-cathedral, beautiful parks...
- ride to the Nature Park "Kopački rit,  unique for its beauty and natural values, a habitat of nearly 300 bird species
- visiting the castles of “Tikveš”, dating from the early 19th century, well known as a favorite destination of former Yugoslav president, Tito
- ride to nearby vineyards and a visit to the Croatian largest wine cellar "Belje" in Kne (tasting several kinds of high quality wines)
- taking the wine road to the lookout point with a delightful view of the vineyards and the valley with picturesque little villages and endless fields
- going to the ethno village Karanac, unique for its original Pannonian houses and fostering traditional crafts and eco-production
- dinner with live gypsy music in the ethno-economy "Baranjska ku " with a top-notch local cuisine and wines
- return home

Osijek - Bilje / Kopačevo - Kopački rit - Zlatna greda
We suggest:

-arrival in Osijek, the town on the Drava river, the city of rich history, the city of parks and distinctive cuisine (a tour of the Turkish Fortress , St. Peter and Paul´ cathedral, promenade along the river..)
- a 10-minute ride to the eco-household “Orlov put”, famous for its eco-products
- after a welcome, you will be tasting local specialities (and, if you wish, try to make them), learn some old crafts or simply laze in the shade of old oaks, enjoying colors and tastes of untouched nature)
- visit to the Nature Park “Kopački rit”, learning about it on a boat tour
- drive up to the complex of castles “Tikveš”, famous as the hunting resort
- visiting the eco-centre “Zlatna Greda” (”Golden beams”), which is the ideal destination for those who enjoy nature (the possibility to participate in a variety of fun activities and workshops: teambuilding, canoeing on Kopački rit, on water and amongst trees rowing on the Drava and Danube
rivers, bird watching and hiking photo Kopački it )
- heading home