Where Danube touches the sky

Where Danube touches the sky

The Danube with it`s long flow binds different nations and interesting cultures and even on
Croatian`s part of the Danube attractive estates that have arised guard there traditions and wealth
in natural surroundings. Get to know the landscape that is far known for it`s rich history, fine wine,
authentic specialties and calm rural households.
Discover , on the far east of Croatia that is considered to be the foundation of wines and
antiquity, convince yourself in the truth of a local saying “Who ever drinks from the river Vuka and
eats pike, forever stays or comes back to ”, visit the old village with cellarmen and
wine makers that fight over whose wine is more nobler and healthier, and a well known
shrine of Our Lady of Sanctuary and a gathering place for many pilgrims.
Join many tourists in discovering these charming places that embellish the mighty blue Danube.

Besides being the largest inland Croatian port on the Danube, Vukovar is the old baroque city, famous for its
castle Eltz from 1751, which is one of the most representative buildings of the Baroque-Classicist style in the
country. Vukovar is the hometown of Lavoslav Ru i ka, the first Croatian Nobel price winner. Vukovar is also the
synonym for Vu , a five-kilometer-away well- known archaeological site rom the Neolithic, where in 1938 Vučedol Dove wass found (decorated cceramic vessels) which become a symbol of Vukovar. Since the begining of the wasr 1990, Vukovar became a symbol of Croatian freedom. Proud of its turbulent history, Vukovar is today a modern town, in which centre, at the estuary of the Vuka river into the Danube, a beaufiful hotel Lav **** is located, recognized for its top quality gastonomy and hospitality.

The easternmost place in Croatia, Ilok harmoniously rises above the Danube, surrounded by the slopes of the Fruška forrest and beautiful wineyards. It is worth seeing the Franciscan church of Saint John Capistran and medieval castle Odescalchi - todays town museum, and what makes Ilok widely known are his high quality wines: Welsh Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Rh ne Riesling and Traminer. Wines of Ilok were served on Queen Elisabeth`s crowing, and today are a part of the royal wine collection.

Erdut is a well known winegrowing area, with approximately 500 hectares under grape vines, and also known for it`s wine cellar that produce famous wines: Erdut Welsh Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonay, Silvaner, Rhine Riesling and Zweigelt. Erdut vineyards are located on the eastern slopes of the Dalj mountain along the river Dunabe that sails around Erdut turning it into peninsula. They extend on an altitude of 130 to 190 meters which is ideal for
farming grape vines. The biggest attraction besides high quality wines is the largest barrel in the world in use which holds 75.000 liters or 75 wagons of wine. The barrel is bounded in 2,5 tones of iron, and it`s spreaded area is equal to an 150 square meter apartment.

Aljmaš lies near the delta of Drava to the Danube, and was first registered as an estate in the 1327. Since 1704 Aljmaš has been a well known shrine of Our Lady of Sanctuary, and for the Assumption of Mary on 15th August is visited by tens of thousands of pilgrims and tourists. This village is also known for it`s attractive weekend cottages, rural, hunting and fishing tourism.

Half day excursions:
The Danube story

We suggest:

- walking tour of Osijek and seightseeing by bus (the square, con-cathedral of St.Peter and Paul, promenade over Drava, the Avenue, the Fort)
- ride to the town of Vukovar and walk through the city centre, visiting the castle Eltz (posibility to visit Museum of Military Hospital and the Memorial Cemetery)
- arrival to the viewpoint Principovac  near Ilok, with the extraordinary view Ilok, Srijem and Bačka
- arrival to visiting the medevial city centre, the Castle Odescalchi and St. John Kapistran Church
- visiting the wine cellar and tasting several top quality and aword-winning wines of Ilok vineyards
- lunch/dinner at the “ ”, a small family hotel located just by the Danube river, far known for its fabulous freswater fish dishes
- return to Osijek

About wine and the Danube
Osijek-Erdut- Aljmaš
We suggest:
- a tour-ride around Osijek, known as the "city at Drava” and the city of parks, recognizable for its Citadel, the Cathedral (which is not the cathedral), its promenade, friendly people and delicious food ...
- going to Erdut and visit the wine cellar “Erdutski vinogradi” (Vineyards of Erdut). Exept for the exceptional wines, which you will taste, the wine cellar is also famous for having the largest wine barrel in the world (in use), with the volume of 75 000 liters of wine or 75 wagons
- going to Aljmaš, the famous shrine of Our Lady of Sanctuary, located by the estuary of Danube River
- traditional dinner at the family farm, getting to know the family history through an old custom of watching the old pictures and retelling family legends
- visiting the national costums manufactory on our way back to Osijek